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English Conversation: Countries and Cultures, level B1/B2

    The course aims to encourage conversation in a relaxed atmosphere while sharing and learning new things about different world cultures with reference to history, traveling, traditions, cooking, manners and so on.

    Conversation is one of the best ways to learn a language because it keeps the learning process relevant to the learner: ‚you’re learning to be able to use it ‚. Through speaking activities all linguistic elements of grammar and vocabulary are activated at the same time.

    Has your English become ‚passive‘ because of lack of practice? Would you like to improve your English and become more confident when speaking it? Would you like to meet people or even make friends that you could speak English with? Come join us !


    Florentina Veres, qualified English teacher and Cambridge trainer, more than 20 years of teaching experience


    14.03. - 02.05.2022 (6 Termine/ 90 min)
    Montag 17:30 -19:00 Uhr
    (min 6 - max 10 participants)



    Anmeldung/ Kontakt:

    Tel: 015771575825

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